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PT clinics use Wiz Health to improve work life balance for therapists, increase provider capacity, and boost EBITDA.

The only AI-based documentation platform with the highest accuracy rate of >95%
that lets you dictate clinical notes from
‘Voice to EMR’ fast.

Free success packs to drive adoption

No contract required

30-day free trial

See how PT clinics are succeeding with Wiz Health

The PT industry is buzzing about
Wiz Health.

Find out how Wiz Health is solving some of the PT industry’s biggest problems on Paul Martin’s Crucial Conversations podcast.

Physical therapy owners can’t grow their businesses if …

Inefficient documentation processes are time-consuming and cause PT burnout and turnover.

There are not enough PT providers to keep up with the clinic’s growth rate.

Tools that are supposed to solve the documentation burden just create more work for providers to fix.


The only 30 Day Maximize EBITDA AI Toolkit that optimizes clinic profitability and turns the tide on PT turnover.

“I can do my daily notes   in 1 minute   and additional evaluations will take me 4 - 5 minutes at the most.”

Sign up by July 31 and get two months of free dictation notes for one additional PT.

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